[Conference] Your diet can save the planet



des. 22 2021


17:00 - 18:30



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First main conference

This is the first conference on the EAT ACT IMPACT events calendar and it will be given by a very special guest: Aitor Sánchez.

The nutritionist and dietician explains on his blog that his interest in the world of health stems from when he was young and his mother gave him a copy of Érase una vez… El cuerpo humano (Once upon a time… The human body). Aitor is also a food technologist, researcher, educator, trainer and volunteer.

He has written four books on healthy and sustainable eating, Mi dieta cojea, Mi dieta ya no cojea, ¿Qué le doy de comer? and Tu dieta puede salvar el planeta.

Tu dieta puede salvar el planeta (Your Diet Could Save the Planet) lends its name to the title of this conference, which will be held on Wednesday 22 December. Aitor Sánchez will reflect on the environmental impact of the thousands of kilometres that our food travels to reach our plates, the cost of food production, livestock farming models, the social cost of food waste and the impact of plastic packaging on the environment.