For a healthy
and sustainable
For a healthy
and sustainable
  • WHAT?

    A thematic exhibition and an educational program about the future of food.

  • WHO?

    The “Demà” initiative (tomorrow in Catalan), promoted by Fundesplai.

  • WHEN?

    From autumn 2021.

  • WHERE?

    At El Prat del Llobregat, the Baix Llobregat Agricultural Park center.

Eat, Act, Impact

For a Healthy and Sustainable Food is a large temporary exhibition with an area of more than 1,000 m². It is innovative, immersive, critical, provocative and stimulating. It offers a local and global journey through the food system, at a crossroad of the major challenges which we must respond to as a society.

We are going through a climate, social and health emergency situation that threatens present and future life. The exhibition will invite us to mobilize and commit ourselves to improve food choices as a lever of change towards a healthier, fairer and more sustainable society for tomorrow.


By 2050, there will be 10 billion people in the world (3 billion more than today). One of the most important challenges will be that everyone is guaranteed access to a healthy diet, but always respecting the planet limits. All scientific studies point in the same direction: Food, Health and Climate are totally linked, and are essential to achieve a fairer, more equitable and sustainable world. Eating is necessary to live, but we must go one step further: eating well is also a key factor to achieve a better future.

The planetary health is your health, and your health is the planetary health!


Everything you choose when preparing your meals can contribute to a more sustainable future. The food we eat, the way we produce it and the amounts that are wasted have a major impact on our health and the planetary health. Time is running out: the next decade is crucial to combat the social, climate and planetary emergency. Eating sustainably and healthily is required urgently.

What you do (and what you eat) makes a difference every day!


Your choices matter. A small change may seem irrelevant, but if we add up many small changes, we will make a huge impact. People, especially children and youth, have the right to enjoy better food choices. We urgently need to start making better food choices, based on knowledge, understanding and commitment to sustainable, healthy, wholesome and accessible food for everyone.

We need your commitment to a planetary diet!
Schools, it is your turn!

We present an educational program that, through playful experimentation proposals, games, workshops, challenges and riddles, aims to help building competences and skills around sustainable and healthy food. Only in this way will children and young people be committed to a better world! (Available in Catalan)

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Where are we?

  Carrer Riu Anoia 42-54 08820 El Prat de Llobregat
617 682 924

Who are we?

Demà (tomorrow, in Catalan) is a project that pretends to become a place for the reflection and experimentation on ideas, solutions and values in which people are invited to imagine and build a fair and sustainable future for everyone.

It is promoted by Fundesplai, a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate children and young people, strengthen third sector and leisure organizations, improve the environment and promote citizenship and social inclusion with a transformative will.

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